I, tool and product

I have a great fascination with discussions on productivity and efficiency. Digging into methodology and, that worst of all pie-in-the-sky fetishes, productivity software. Discussing these things is the one sure defense against actually having to be hands-on with anything, unless you make a business of it (which a disturbing number of people have).

I enjoyed the Wired article Productivity is not working. It makes perfect sense that when there is a real actual crisis, many of us don’t actually have a lot to bring into it. There is a fundamental society-wide fight-or-flight impulse as an undercurrent to discussions. So right, the war is here. A long-term low-intensity crusade with an invisible enemy.

There is deep urge to… do things. To prepare. To arm oneself. Small wonder that people get recruited into bullshit-spreading cohorts just to have, you know, something. Because it ties into the kind of tools they have. Effect! Impact! We will, in fact, do the next-best thing… or possibly lower on that list, but still… to Make Shit Happen. Same for me. Contribute my skills. What are my skills? Writing documentation, reading legal documents and helping people find out why their IT systems do something that is not what they expected. And I make nice salads.

What is the fun of starting a war that practically no one can fight?

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